Frequently Asked Questions

What is website monetization?

When you monetize something, you change it into money - make money from it. In this case, you generate income from your website.

How do you monetize a website?

This can be achieved through various methods, such as displaying ads, selling products or services, offering subscriptions, affiliate marketing, sponsored content and more.

Here at ShowMoor, we provide ways to sell digital content (games, exercise tips, cookie recipes, cartoons, stories, videos...) accessible via web browsers. That is our only focus.

I have a blog on Blogger. Can I monetize its content?

Yes, you can. Please follow the instructions in this video: Start Earning on Blogger for Free - Add SM Button using SM Code

How much does it cost to monetize a website?

The specific costs will vary based on your website's business model, size and goals. As there are countless factors in play, this answer applies to ShowMoor only.

First, you need a website. If you only need basic features, there are several website hosting providers that give you one for free.

Second, the site needs a way to display specific content only to those who pay. You can do this by customizing and embedding SM Buttons or SM Cooins into your site, free of charge.

Some costs may come from the actual web development. And if you use services like Wistia.

How many views do I need to monetize my website?

With us, you can start monetizing immediately. In other words, there are no requirements regarding view or subscriber amounts.

Can I monetize my website without Adsense?

Yes. For that, ShowMoor is one of the options.

What kind of content can I monetize?

Simply put, with ShowMoor you can monetize every kind of content and functionality browsers can deliver.

Can I make passive income with a website?

Yes, you can. This game is an example. Once you have spent the time designing and coding, and the game has found its audience, you start getting income from it without any additional effort.

What are micropayments?

A micropayment is a small payment, often less than 100 cents, typically for digital goods and content purchases online.

What challenges micropayments have?

Transactions, such as micropayments, have transaction fees. Here's an example:

Let's say the seller has set the price to 20 cents. The fee is 12 cents. Buyer pays 20 cents, the seller gets only 8 cents. That's not viable.

Also, if the micropayment process requires even a small amount of time and effort, most people are likely to abandon the payment and exit the site.

Using SM Cooins, seller can set the price to 2 Cooins and receive the full 20 cents to her bank account.

What is friction?

In the context of web browsing, friction refers to factors that hinder user's online experience, e.g. slow loading times, pop-ups, confusing words, complex navigation, logins, registering new accounts, entering payment card numbers among others.

How ShowMoor minimizes friction?

Removing friction from online payments is at the core of our service. Below are some of the ways we do it.

① With ShowMoor, you enter your payment card details to our service only.

② Your ShowMoor account can be used for payments on all the SM Creator Sites (i.e. websites that have SM Buttons or SM Cooins).

③ Your session on ShowMoor Web App stays active until you log out. To skip logins, you can keep the session active on your personal devices.

ShowMoor Web App

ShowMoor Web App. Some functions require login with username and password.

④ SM Creator Site has an SM Button. You have a subscription and you click the button. From now on, the site starts getting a portion of your subscription fee automatically each time you visit. That's frictionless.

ShowMoor Web App

Click the minimized SM Button on SM Creator Site to manage your automatic paying.

⑤ SM Creator Site has an SM Cooin. Using SM Cooins, one-time payments take just a couple of clicks/seconds.

⑥ Ads cause friction. We promote clarity and simplicity. SM Cooins and Buttons are minimized to the top of the page, releasing the screen estate for the actual content. Additionally, we are not in the targeted ads business. There's no need for us to track and profile people.

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Does ShowMoor utilize cryptocurrencies or blockchains?

We do not see any reason to employ those technologies. They add complexity and are energy-intensive.

Tomi Itkonen
Tomi Itkonen
ShowMoor Founder and CEO