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Add an SM Button. Get recurring payments.

ShowMoor subscriber opens your site. She has an active ShowMoor session in the background.
She clicks the button and gets the content. Now, you start getting a portion of her subscription fee.
Next time she visits your site, you get a portion of her fee and she gets the content.
Automatically. Zero clicks, zero logins required.

Frictionless Selling of Game Content

After clicking the button once, subscribers will have additional game content.
Every time they open the game.
That's frictionless, defined.
Note: It is also possible to get the full game with a single payment using Cooins. No subscription needed then.

SM Button Implementation Example

Draw With WebGL Flowers Pen was selected to show how to start earning from web creations.
The implementation was dead simple. A boolean isSubscriber variable was added to the original code and this one line to the SM Code.
Check out the end result and learn the details from its source code.
It all starts with SM Code.
SM Code contains ShowMoor functionality and your customizations.
SM Code is standard JavaScript. You can use it to fetch the subscriber content, change appearance, hide and reveal elements, activate premium features...
You tailor these two functions to your needs:
async function yesShowMoor() {
// This is executed for those who have ShowMoor subscription
1. async yesShowMoor()

This function is called for those who have an active subscription.

Also, they have clicked the button at least once.

Now, you get a portion of their subscription fee.

SM Button is minimized.
async function noShowMoor() {
// This is executed for those who do not have subscription
2. async noShowMoor()
For those without active subscription, this function is called.
SM Button is displayed in full.
// SM Code
const a=['OGQyZmZjNTViYjA4YjA2OA==','Z2V0CeUNsYXNzTmFtZQ==','...'

Finally, you generate SM Code and insert it to the bottom of the page.

To hinder its tampering, SM Code is obfuscated.

It is executed when DOMContentLoaded event is fired.