Have you thought about monetizing your site?

Get one-time payments using SM Cooins.

SM Cooins enables selling content on page by page basis.
In other words, after paying the price you have set, buyer can open the contents on a single URL.
The price is set in Cooins on SM Code settings. One Cooin equals 10 cents.

The Simplest Cooin Implementation

The Simplest Way hides paragraphs from those who have not paid.
Make sure the visitor has JavaScript enabled on his browser.
It all starts with SM Code.
SM Code contains ShowMoor functionality and your customizations.
SM Code is standard JavaScript. You can use it to fetch the paid content, change appearance, hide and reveal elements, activate premium features...
You tailor these two functions to your needs:
async function paidWithCooin() {
// This is executed for those who have paid for the content
1. async paidWithCooin()
This function is executed for those who have bought the content with SM Cooins.
SM Cooin is minimized to the top of the page.
async function notPaidWithCooin() {
// This is executed if the content has not been paid
2. async notPaidWithCooin()
If the visitor has not bought the content, this function is executed.
SM Cooin is displayed in the middle of the page.
// SM Code
const a=['ggQyZmZjjkNrVi6YjA4YjAnnOA==','eyiV0CeUNs79XNzTmFtZi==','...'

Finally, you generate SM Code and insert it to the bottom of the page.

To hinder its tampering, SM Code is obfuscated.

It is executed when DOMContentLoaded event is fired.

ShowMoor Cooins Checkout

The SM Cooin Checkout Page

After clicking SM Cooin, checkout page opens displaying details.
The details come from SM Code settings, and from the document.title of the SM Cooin page.